CDN Container Depot
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  • Monday - Friday from: 06:00 to: 18:00
    Now: Closed
  • Address: Hamburger Str. 35,
    90451 Nürnberg
  • Phone nr: +49911964970
  • Website:
  • Email:

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1. Start by parking your truck in the designated parking area. Then, proceed to the office. There, you will need to register your visit by providing the reference number and truck registration number to the staff.

2. After registering, return to your truck and wait there until your truck number appears on the display. Once it does, proceed to the left from the parking area to the checkers.

3. The checkers will inform you about the number of the "stop" where you need to drop off or pick up your container.

Please note that numbers from 10 to 15 are located on the other side, accessible from Trierstrasse (as indicated on the map below).

Terminal's map

CDN Container Depot