Container Terminal Dortmund GmbH (CDT)
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  • Monday - Friday from: 06:00 to: 18:00
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  • Address: Kanalstraße 34,
    44147 Dortmund
  • Phone nr: +49 231 998910
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Start by parking your truck in the designated parking area. Then, proceed to the white building. Inside, you'll need to fill out a form and collect a metal board with a number on it. Afterward, go to the checker who will inspect your container. They will inform you about the location for dropping off or picking up your container.

Please note the importance of placing the metal board where it can be easily seen by the crane operator.

When you're ready to leave the terminal before reaching the gate, show the board to the checker. They will open the gate for you, and you should return the board to the designated box.